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A core of HONEST EMOTION...As directed by Jenn Thompson, the cast members handle the script with deftness... Its heart always in the right place."


- The New York Times

"HAUNTING...EMOTIONALLY INTRICATE...HEARTRENDING! Thompson's exquisite collaboration with her actors ensures that what's in the interstices of the dialogue and the silent sequences of the production is poetic, theatrical, and powerful. The blocking of a crucial moment of intimacy between husband and wife, for instance, is vivid, convincing, and filled at once with tender emotion and frustration." 

- Curtain Up

"Amid scenes touching on morality, economics, partnership, and gender roles...the director, Jenn Thompson, and her cast give believable muscle to scenes involving physical labor, macho horseplay, sex, and violence."

- The New Yorker

"SENSATIONAL! TERRIFIC acting! You'll be mesmerized by it!"

- Peter Filichia/Broadway Radio


"A WINNER! Always a TREAT to discover a highly original TREASURE...Director Jenn Thompson has worked here with assurance and invention."

- DC Metro Theatre Arts

"CAPTIVATING...TIMELESS...two parts “The Grapes of Wrath” and one part Tennessee Williams’ unbreathable heat."

- NY Theatre Guide

"SO POWERFUL AND FULL OF TRUTH YOU JUST WANT TO SOB...Jenn Thompson’s direction holds this piece together. She allows the pacing and the character study is fleshed out."

- Times Square Chronicle

"GRIPPING...STARTINGLY DIFFERENT...staffed by some of the finest actors that this company has at its disposal."  

- Lighting and Sound America

"FEARSOME...SPLENDID...A MARVELOUS CREATION...believable, deep, layered human stories revealed...honed with subtlety and deliberate pacing by Jenn Thompson’s firm directorial hand."

- TheatrePizzazz


"Jeff Talbott's PRIMAL SCREAM OF A PLAY... endeavors to restore the dignity of the working class...Jenn Thompson’s direction is energetic and precise, and the acting is strong."

- OffOff Online

"TERRIFIC...POWERFUL...PITCH PERFECT! Director Jenn Thompson does a marvelous job of defining her characters, right down to the way they carry themselves...Anger vibrates,  a sex scene is coarse and sizzling, an entirely believable, rough and tumble fight makes one imagine nightly bruises."

- Women Around Town

"GRIPPING...VIBRATES with an up-to-the-minute resonance. Director Jenn Thompson’s has staged Talbott's work with both theatrical savvy and an open-heart, guiding her four actors into beautifully drawn portrayals."

 - TheatreScene

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