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"Every act of this theatrical circus is brought together under the RING-MASTERLY DIRECTION of Jenn Thompson, who seems to have a GENIUS for working with the comic, taut dialogue and tight action."

 - The Poststar

"The essence of comedy is surprise, and Thompson's direction supplies the precision to keep each little jack-in-the-box popping open at the right time."

 -7 Days Vermont

"Funnier than almost anything else I've ever seen in film, television and theater. If I lived in Dorset I would simply buy a seat for every performance and hope that the run is long enough to give me enough pleasure to satisfy me for a lifetime."

- Berkshire Bright Focus


"The first time this summer I jumped to my feet at the closing curtain. That's not only a testament to

the peerless acting of the cast, but also to the enduring quality of Ives' fascination with rapid-fire comic

dialogue, and existential ruminations of life taken to such extremes that they leave the realm of the sublime, and enter the ridiculous. It also continues the hot streak of DTF director extraordinaire Jenn Thompson, who delivered such recent hits as "Barefoot in the Park," Boeing, Boeing," and "Noises Off." Clearly, this serious professional knows plenty about laughter." 

- Manchester Journal

"Brilliantly performed and side-splittingly funny...simply virtuoso comedy. David Ives’ comedies, in this ridiculously fast-paced evening, mix the farce of a “Noises Off” with the wit of a George Bernard Shaw with the physical hijinks of the silent film comedies — yet it’s all about the words."

- The Rutland Herald







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