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"INVIGORATING...MODERN...a BOLD new version of the farm-fresh children’s classic..'Anne of Green Gables' at Goodspeed Opera House reinterprets the story’s main relationships, adds some kicky dancing and a lot of chairs, and promotes a beautiful basic theme of love and trust...a SHARP rethinking of a timeless coming-of-age tale."

- The Hartford Courant

"SIMPLY FANTASTIC...The classic story is brought to life in a heartfelt and clever folk-rock musical with beautifully developed and charming characters. The cast is absolutely stellar, no holds barred, and charmed the audience with superb performances from start to finish."

- Broadway World

 "...A DARLING HEART OF A WORLD-PREMIERE POWERHOUSE...Director Jenn Thompson puts all the diverse elements together for a SEAMLESS and JOYOUS production."

- The Middletown Press

"SOARS...SENSATIONAL...a most inviting rendering of classic, delightful material. Director Jenn Thompson does a SPLENDID JOB of pulling it all together and brings out the most of the talented individuals."

- Talkin' Broadway

 "UNIQUE... SPLENDID...The mix of modern elements blend with the turn-of-the-19th century plot, creating a BEAUTIFUL retelling of this loveable story."

- In The Spotlight

"MARVELOUS...A PLEASURE TO WATCH...AN ENCHANTING NEW MUSICAL...I haven’t heard such a satisfying score from a new musical in a long time...Director Jenn Thompson, a well-respected presence on Connecticut stages, has skillfully guided the production to its satisfying end.  She effectively integrates the ensemble into the show, using them to capably inject needed exposition."

- Stuart Brown (CT. Critics Circle)

"A BREATHTAKING NEW MUSICAL THAT IS NOT TO BE MISSED – Director Jenn Thompson (The Music Man, Oklahoma!, Bye, Bye Birdie) has been on board- with her stamp on “Anne of Green Gables” this new musical will definitely go far! This production is a non-stop impressive tour-de-force from the get go- we are so rightly sure this production is headed to Broadway."


"WONDERFUL...EXUBERANT...Director Jenn Thompson has done an EXCELLENT job of guiding this show and she has managed to bring out the best in all the performers in the cast....this show and score have VITALITY and VIBRANCY to spare."

- Zander Opper (CT. Critics Circle)

"Balances CHARM, SPUNK and WHIMSY with absolute control and much-needed escapism in Goodspeed Musical's intimate take on the iconic story. Directorially, Thompson, once again, is at the top of her game. Capable of creating given, important moments of hope, joy, warmth and purpose, Thompson crafts a proper, fearless and mighty production."

- Jim Ruocco (CT. Critics Circle)

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