"a masterful sense of comedic timing...
Do you want to laugh like crazy? Go see this play!"



    - Bennigton Banner

“I should make this into a love letter to Jenn Thompson, director of the current production of the play "Boeing-Boeing" by Marc Camoletti now playing at the Dorset Theatre Festival in Dorset, Vermont. I should write: "Dear Ms. Thompson, I love you. I love what you do with these insane farce-comedies you direct. I love the way you elicit laughter from this careful and dour sensibility and how you bring tears to my eyes with the sentimentality that always lurks within the confines of these inane plays. I love the experience of watching your way with the stage space that simulates reality and with the people who temporarily inhabit this space; they seem so real as I watch them, so comfortable with their environments. Dear Ms. Thompson, how do you do what you do, especially with the limited time available to you? How do you develop such rich and informed characters without months of work with your actors? I love the results, no matter how you get there.”


                                                                                                                             - Berkshire Bright Focus



“Do you want to laugh like crazy? Go see this play. The play, directed by Jenn Thompson -- fast becoming a favorite at Dorset -- garnered the same raucous reception.”

                                                                                                                                              - Manchester Journal


"Without its French accent, "Boeing-Boeing" would just another frothy summer comedy. But its sexiness makes this Marc Camoletti farce downright ribald - and Dorset Theatre Festival's production is hilarious."

                                                                                                                              - The Rutland Herald

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