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TOP TEN, 2008

 Charles Isherwood names 'The Eccentricities of a Nightingale'

as one of his "most memorable nights spent at the theater this year." 

RIVALS ANYTHING I SAW THIS SEASON FOR DELICACY, ... its sad, sweet music will play on in the hearts of those lucky enough to catch it for a long time thereafter. Under the direction of Jenn Thompson, the entire cast is EXCELLENT.”

- Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

"EXCELLENT...HEARTBREAKING...a clear-eyed and compassionate take on human suffering and disappointment. Ms. Thompson, aided by a uniformly fine cast —keeps the Southern Gothic at bay."

- The New York Times 

SUPERB...A MASTER CLASS ON WILLIAMS. Whereas a lesser director might have turned this drama into a parade of purple-tongued Southern Gothics, Jenn Thompson has found the play’s subjects - suffering and loneliness - and brought them forth with an unerring, moving grace.”

 - The New Yorker

“ a HAUNTING, VIBRANT revival, The Actors Company Theater waves the play like a flag, 

demanding it be acknowledged as an EXQUISITE WORK. Director Jenn Thompson intensifies the passion by staging it with restraint.”

- Variety

TRANSCENDENT. The production, directed by Jenn Thompson with sympathetic perception, is 

MUST-VIEWING FOR ANYONE WHO CARES ABOUT WILLIAMS' EXALTED POSITION IN THE AMERICAN THEATRE...It's not just Williams but Thompson, and their sensitive colleagues that make this Eccentricities commandingly eccentric.” 

- TheatreMania        

SENSITIVE...IMPRESSIVE...That it eventually works as well as it does is due in large part to Jenn Thompson's sensitive direction.”

 - Backstage


"EXCELLENT. Under the carefully guided direction of Jenn Thompson, The Eccentricities of a Nightingale is a MUST-SEE...This is a wonderful opportunity to see Williams' bold revision of the play acted well and staged with an admirable sense of purpose."

- Curtain Up


"Director Jenn Thompson's BEAUTIFULLY-ACTED production, the first in New York since its Broadway run, features a company that embraces the playwright's elevated language as conversational poetry...a RICH and SATISFYING look at a rarely seen work of one of America's greats."

- BroadwayWorld


"WOW, WOW AND WOW. AND WOW. Eccentricities gets the production it deserves, and it’s NOTHING SHORT OF A REVELATION."

- The Edge


“This LITTLE GEM OF A PRODUCTION serves as a FIRST-RATE revival of one of Williams’s lesser-known plays. Subtle direction by Jenn Thompson heightens the tension of the story.” 

 - Show Business Weekly


"Eschewing directorial high concepts, JENN THOMPSON TRUSTS THE PLAY AND LETS IT STAND ON ITS OWN...Eccentricities has a tightness, clarity, and poetry that once again remind us of Williams's greatness.  If you're a fan of Williams—and if you care about American theatre, who isn't?

-take this opportunity to see this unfairly neglected gem." 

- Indie Theatre Now


"HEARTBREAKING...TENDER and AFFECTING...faithfully and utterly brings to life the pathos and deep longing for which Tennessee Williams’ characters are known."

 - Off Off Online

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