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" FOUR AND A HALF STARS! EDGY...ENGAGING... Full of Victorian atmosphere, suspense and foreboding fun, it is a highly entertaining evening. ...if you have a third floor in your home, you may never go up there again."   

- CBS St. Louis


"EXCITING...SUSPENSEFUL...MAGNIFICENTLY SATISFYING... Director Jenn Thompson has given riveting life to this dated, sometimes credulity-stretching play. In her hands, “Angel Street” becomes an enjoyable, diverting show with a delightful cast and fantastic design."



" its moment on the Rep stage."

- St. Louis Post-Dispatch


"BRILLIANT...THRILLINGLY SCARY! Have you ever been so scared in a theater that you start to stand up — presumably your brain has decided that it is time to run — and have to fight yourself to

stay seated? Angel Street made me lurch forward for a speedy exit not once, but twice. Fortunately

my knees were still wobbly from the adrenal burn of the first instance, so all I could do the second time was shake. Director Jenn Thompson steadily increases the tension of the plot without increasing the pace, leaving the audience with a distinct shortness of breath. There's nothing like a good, old-fashioned Halloween terror." 

- Riverfront Times


"EXPERTLY CRAFTED ENTERTAINMENT! ...a spine-chiller that will make you want to yell out loud...

a true treat that keeps you guessing about what the next turn of events will bring."

-Broadway World


"GASTLY...a GRIPPING two hours of suspense...Jenn Thompson directs, and somehow our eye always goes right where she wants it, just as some new light began to glow here or there." 

- Talkin Broadway


"STUNNING...BREATHTAKINGLY CHILLING...CHARMS with old-fashoined intrigue. Director Jenn Thompson keeps the pace and the mood consistent throughout this cleverly crafted tale."

 - LaDue News


"STUNNING...INNOVATIVE...A VIBRANT REWORKING! Under Jenn Thompson’s seamless direction, an eeriness envelopes the stage from the start."

- Belleville News-Democrat


"WONDROUS...DEVILISHLY SURPRISING...sports an affectionate, stylish vision by cast, designers and director; doing what a familiar classic needs to do - resonate today with the clever wit and surprise of an Agatha Christy tale and the creepy, what’s–behind-the-door anticipation of a Hitchcock film." 

- Buzz On Stage


"EXQUISITE...SUPERB! Jenn Thompson directs “Angel Street” with a straightforward and principled hand. She evokes the true suspense inherent in the play and makes the audience gasp, cheer and hold onto their seats as the climatic scene plays out with just the right amount of tension and believability."

 - Stage Door St. Louis

"MARVELOUS...A REAL TREAT! Under Jenn Thompson's beautifully paced direction this SCRUMPTIOUS production is guaranteed to captivate. If I were you I'd get a ticket right now,

and see it before it’s too late. Seriously."

- St. Louis Theatre Snob


"ABSOLUTELY SUPERB...THE BEST I'VE EVER SEEN AT THE REP! The acting is wonderful and the plot is entrancing, but the complicated, jaw dropping technical components of this show are what make it a MUST-SEE!"

- Playback: STL



 - St. Louis Eats and Drinks

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