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Photos by Lanny Nagler

"SPLENDID...FASCINATING...delivers a solid, clear, lively, neon-lit and intellectually illuminating production. Director Jenn Thompson has the same firm grasp of TheaterWorks’ small stage as she did for “The Call” in 2016."                                                                    

- The Hartford Courant

"FABULOUS...a DREAM TEAM OF CAST AND CREATIVES...Jenn Thompson, the director whose fresh takes on old chestnuts like Bye Bye Birdie and Oklahoma! at Goodspeed have been so refreshing, stages A Doll’s House, Part 2, and she really brings out the best in Hnath’s very contemporary script in language and tone with undercurrents of Ibsen’s classicism."

 - The Westfield News


"WITTY...THOUGHT-PROVOKING...Jenn Thompson's direction serves the story well, making use of the simple staging while drawing out as much of the human emotion as possible... Ms. Thompson's direction keeps the energy and the focus high, keeping the audience riveted."

- Broadway World

"EXCELLENT...BOLD...A Doll's House, Part 2 begs for EXQUISITE timing and that is furnished by gifted director Jenn Thompson and a splendid cast."

- Talkin' Broadway

"Plain and simple – this production is RIVETING! Yes, exclamation point! I literally could not keep pace with those splendid actors on stage. TRIUMPHANT...ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!"



"PERFECT...THIS CAST IS TERRIFIC...Director Jenn Thompson has emphasized the play in all the right places while making the most of the humor that the playwright has added most effectively."

 - Republican American

"A TOP-NOTCH PRODUCTION by the masterful director, Jenn Thompson...she guides every piece, whether it be a straight play or a musical, through a splendid dance, evoking brilliant layer upon layer of depth, warmth, and exemplary entertainment."

  - Pillow Talk


"PITCH-PERFECT... Jenn Thompson’s direction is BRILLANT...Like a grandmaster chess player, she moves the characters through a complex journey and arc of emotions...a great piece of stimulating, engaging, thought-provoking theatre."

 - Wayne J. Keeley, CT. Critics Circle

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