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SCRUMPTIOUS! A FIRST-RATE outing. The relevance of Depression-era avarice is not the only reason to revive the play: JENN THOMPSON'S PRODUCTION PROVES TO BE A GEM IN ANY ERA

and catnip for a comedic ensemble.”  

 - The New Yorker


“‘FRESH and FUNNY...The treasure hunters at The Actors Company Theater have unearthed another jewel."

- The New York Times


"This "Christopher Bean," effectively directed by Jenn Thompson, demonstrates that there are indeed overlooked treasures on the old-play shelf."

- Variety

A ROUSING REVIVAL! Timeless and very very funny"

- Leonard Lopate  (The Leonard Lopate Show WNYC) 


"The comic antics are directed with controlled velocity by Jenn Thompson, who never lets the riotous proceedings get so wild as to undermine the elegance of Howard's efficient language."

 - Backstage


"Don't miss this TERRIFIC revival...with DELICIOUS performances all around and smooth direction by Jenn Thompson, you'll enjoy discovering a delightful play you never new."

- Next Magazine


"SUBLIME...DELIGHTFUL. Director Jenn Thompson keeps the show light and perfect. As I was walking out, one of a couple in front of me turned to the other and said, "Well, that was a great way to spend two hours".

I couldn't agree more."

 - Broadway World


"Under Jenn Thompson’s METICULOUS DIRECTION, performances are nothing short of MAGNIFICENT. The cast displays the most WONDERFUL ensemble acting to be seen in New York, or anywhere, I would imagine, in a long time. "              

- The Epoch Times


"a LOVING and GLOWING REVIVAL...nicely directed by Jenn Thompson...another winner with an excellent ensemble cast that brings truth and comedy to the forefront."

- Talk Entertainment


"Filled with exquisitely timed bombshells that continue dropping up until the very last minute. And, under Jenn Thompson's smartly paced direction, a fine cast expertly underplays this genteel tale of cutthroat negotiations. 

- Lighting and Sound America


A GLORIOUS REVIVAL...MAGNIFICENTLY DIRECTED by Jenn Thompson, who elicited a perfect dream of ensemble work from her talented cast. Moments of hilarity turned on a dime to genuine poignancy — pure


- Gay City News







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