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"EXQUISITE...CRACKS THE HEART...Director Jenn Thompson and her first-rate cast mine Simon’s Pulitzer-winning play for every one of its diamond-hard truths about family as a shaping force: maddening, nourishing, destructive, loving, complicated, owe it to yourself to see Barrington Stage Company’s OUTSTANDNING production of Lost in Yonkers.’’

- The Boston Globe


"FEROCIOUS...UNIFORMLY EXCELLENT...Thompson and cast create a wholly believable world and family."

- Times Union


"RICH...WONDERFULLY EFFECTIVE...Jenn Thompson's production of Neil Simon's Pulitzer Prize winning Lost In Yonkers was one of the highlights of my 2012 season of Off-Broadway plays....But Berkshire theater goers are in luck. Barrington Stage has given us  this BEAUTIFUL, MOVING NEW LOOK at what is probably Neil Simon's best play."

- Curtain Up


"The Barrington Stage production is SO GOOD that it makes the play that opened on Broadway in 1990 look like a NEGLECTED MASTERPIECE. Lost in Yonkers is a TERRIFIC theater experience that often approaches the profound. But bear in mind the credit goes to the production directed by Jenn Thompson as much as it does the playwright."

 - Troy Record


"HILARIOUS and HEARTBREAKING at the same time, it is NOT TO BE MISSED." Directed by Jenn Thompson, the story resonates deeply since she keeps the focus on the characters, not the laughs."

- Berkshires Onstage

"WONDERFUL...SETS A NEW STANDARD...Director Jenn Thompson has found the beauty of the original writing and has trusted an EXCEPTIONAL cast to deliver the heart and pain that portrays three generations of a family" 

- In The Spotlight

"STUNNING, HEARTWRENCHING, TRAGIC...flat out entranced from beginning to end. Every cog in the wheel of this flawless, well oiled production works with true perfection. The skillful direction of Thompson has brought the best from each of the actors...this production compares

to the very best we have seen at Barrington Stage." 

- Berkshire Fine Arts


"Director Jenn Thompson, no slouch at transforming high-end comedies, has given us a production of Lost in Yonkers that allows us to do what Grandma Kurnitz has never done and her children have been forbidden to do; to cry. This is ONE TO CHERISH for all the right reasons."

- Berkshire Bright Focus


"THIS PRODUCTION IS MAGNIFICENT! Seriously, this is one of those “don’t miss” shows. It’s BEAUTIFUL.  Frankly, this is one of the best shows I’ve seen."

- Berkshire Family Focus




**photos by Kevin Sprague

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