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"TOTALLY ENDEARING AND TERRIBLY FUNNY...Dorset’s polished production, directed by Jenn a great way to spend an entertaining summer evening."

The Rutland Herald

"THIS YOUNG DIRECTOR HAS DISPLAYED OVER AND OVER A FRESH COMIC EYE when it comes to remembered scripts. She has been able to reproduce, with a stunning and remarkable sense of contemporary nuance and timing, classic moments that emerge as brand new and unseen. She has a genuine connection with this material. The spontaneity within the stage style that she gives her actors, that sense of "happening" over "acting" that makes the difference, but GOOD COMEDY IS DEFINITELY HER FORTE."

- Berkshire Bright Focus


"DIRECTOR JENN THOMSPON HAS CRAFTED A ROLLICKING GOOD TIMEJ, full of laughter and maturing, fur coats and crooked hats, good exercise and an ill wind that blows through the skylight. “Barefoot in the Park” is classic, witty and, quite simply, A DELIGHTFUL WAY TO WRAP UP A SUMMER DAY." 

- PostStar


"JENN THOMPSON HAS GREAT FUN WITH IT. For, unlike many productions, it never goes quite over the top, never becoming too silly, and it benefits from an excellent cast...One of those light, irresistible romantic comedies that is perfect summer fare — and Dorset Theatre Festival’s production, which opened Friday, FULLY DELIVERED ITS CONSIDERABLE LAUGHS AND CHARMS.

- Vermont Today


“Laughter, hilarity and poignancy are on the menu for Dorset Theatre Festival's production of Neil Simon's 1963 Broadway hit "Barefoot in the Park”. UNDER THE QUICK AND WITTY DIRECTION OF JENN THOMPSON, Simon's play never lags, slows down or hits a bump. SO IF YOU WANT TO LAUGH TILL YOUR SIDES SPLIT, I PLEAD WITH YOU, GET TICKETS TODAY!"

- The Manchester Journal


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