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DELICIOUS...DELIGHTFUL...resurrects this droll Alan Ayckbourn comedy from the 1970s to near PERFECTION, thanks to spot-on timing and delicious understatement by everyone involved.

Describe a play as featuring four couples and three bedrooms, and something ribald might come to mind, but whatever temptation there was to go over the top here was admirably reined in by director,

Jenn Thompson."

- The New York Times


"A FIRST-RATE Revival!...Every one of the actors is on target. The four married couples depicted in the three bedrooms juxtaposed on the stage may be plunged into individual and suddenly overlapping problems. But while they are, director Jenn Thompson and her acting octet are having a high old time slapping those conflicts into stinging, ringing life.”                                                                                      - TheaterMania  


"Bedroom Farce makes a welcome return to the New York stage...the title and the three- bedroom set might lead one to expect a frantic, door-slamming farce in the Noises Off vein, but Ayckbourn and

director Jenn Thompson have something more subtle in mind. For all its complicated architecture, the play is primarily a droll observation of human behavior under stress. Thompson keeps things moving at a lively but unhurried pace.” 

- Backstage


"Whenever people are desperate for a laugh, Alan Ayckbourn always comes through. So, hats off to The Actors Company Theater for bringing us "Bedroom Farce" in our hour of need." 

- Variety  

"ONE OF THE FUNNIEST AND WELL-STAGED SHOWS IN TOWN...with Jenn Thompson at the helm, Ayckbourn's masterful craftsmanship is evident in every seamless boudoir to boudoir shift!"

- Curtain Up


"DEVILISHLY WITTY...I heartily recommend this modest but incisive production, ably directed by Jenn Thompson, wherein eight acrobatically adept actors, are BRILLIANTLY ON TARGET."

- John Simon, Bloomberg

"DELIRIOUSLY FUNNY…better than the one I remembered from Broadway."                                         - Peter Fillichia, TheaterMania 


"...a highly ENJOYABLE revival of a very funny show…Jenn Thompson's direction is clear

and concise.

- BroadwayWorld


“Bedroom Farce is a HYSTERICAL performance with a talented cast working from a great script, and yet another MUST-SEE on Theatre Row.”  

- Show Business Weekly

"SMART, ATTRACTIVE, DOLEFULLY DROLL...Jenn Thompsons intelligent direction creates a thoroughly DELIGHTFULway to spend two hours with some people you may not necessarily want to admit you recognize."

- Stage and Cinema


"...this is as DELIGHTFUL an evening of theatrical fol-de-rol as you’ll find anywhere.


- Performing Arts Insider


" ABSOLUTE RIOT and TOUCHING at the same time." 

- Talk Entertainment


"a fun afternoon or evening...ONE OF THE FUNNIEST THINGS I'VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME." 


"SUBLIME Revival! SUPERB performances all around... Ayckbourn is an author who knows what he wants to achieve, and a sharp cast under SOPHISTICATED  DIRECTION by Jenn Thompson helps him succeed. The beauty of this staging is that the approach is relatively restrained, allowing the dialogue, the situations and the characterizations to speak for themselves instead of succumbing to a temptation for hectic overplaying in which bedroom-concerned shows often indulge”

- Wolf Entertainment Guide



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