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"EXCEPTIONALLY Old West version of 'Thelma and Louise'...TACT's ’s SATISFYING revival is the sort of production that makes you realize how much you’ve missed a playwright’s voice...

Performed by a fine cast... In a genre that tends to shove its few female characters off to the margins, “Abundance” brings women to the center and gives them heat and light."

 - The New York Times


"Under the direction of Jenn Thompson, this TACT production of Beth Henley’s BEAUTIFUL 1990 play, which spans twenty-five years, deftly paints a picture of America’s pioneering sensibility: enterprising, fickle, romantic, BRUTAL, and enduring."

- The New Yorker


"AFFECTING...EFFECTIVE...TOUCHES THE HEART...The polished revival is staged with restraint and wit by Jenn Thompson."

- The Associated Press


"BREATHTAKING...SCORCHING...In a production as skilled as Jenn Thompson's, you can't help but wonder why this play so unjustly fell through the cracks. This major rediscovery of a key work by one of America's great writers does the piece a whole lot of justice."

- TheatreMania


"INTIMATE and SWEEPING...edge-of-one's-seat ENGROSSING! Director Jenn Thompson makes one feel like a voyeur. When unexpressed, emotions are evident, when manifest, frequently physically, they're VISCERAL."

- BroadwayWorld


"RICH...SWEEPING...Henley's script and Thompson's direction create a world that is both recognizable within our nation's past and OTHERWORDLY...the reasons to see Abundance are plentiful."

- Curtain Up


"POETIC...EARTHY...A FASCINATING ADVENTURE. Performances, under the astute direction

of Jenn Thompson, are OUTSTANDING."

- The Epoch Times


"EVOCATIVE ... surprisingly TOUCHING ... a  starkly BEAUTIFUL production ."

- Lighting and Sound America


"BRILLIANT writing...EFFECTIVE staging...uniformly EXCELLENT cast...there is talent here

in abundance." 

- Theatre Pizzazz


"SPELLBINDING...EXCELLENT... in addition to orchestrating the ensemble’s STERLING PERFORMANCES, director JENN THOMPSON'S STAGING IS INSPIRED."

- TheaterScene


"INSIGHTFUL writing by EXCELLENT cast...“Abundance” is a drama that deserves the new attention bestowed upon it by TACT. "

 - Wolf Entertainment Guide


"A TRUE ENSEMBLE...DIRECTED BY JENN THOMPSON SEAMLESSLY, this is a show that will make you wonder, think, and revel in the necessity of each other."

 - NY Theatre Guide


"The revival of Beth Henley’s Abundance is in a word EXCELLENT.  Jenn Thompson’s staging is INVENTIVE and natural and she draws EXQUISITE performances out of her cast."

 - Times Square Chronicle


"Under the astute direction of Jenn Thompson, played on the incredibly INVENTIVE set of Wilson Chin with DETAILED atmospheric lighting by Philip Rosenberg, the audience is given a FIRST-RATE production of an underserved work."

- Theatre Reviews Limited


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